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  • Looking for Chicago Pest Control company? Look no further, Rid Alert is the answer. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, we understand the need for property owners, both residential and commercial, to be able to manage and solve any pest control issues they encounter.

    We consistently deliver highly personalized professional pest control products and services at extremely low prices without compromising quality.

    Rid Alert strives to excel in the pest control business. What makes us different?

    Rid Alert is determined to offer cost effective products and service that are specifically designed with the customer in mind.

    We're here to serve you!!

    We strive to provide a superior level of service designed to exceed the expectations of our customers.

    We are located at 5560 W. Madison offering superb products and services. Come by and visit or call (773) 922-9442.

    We partner with the Illinois Department of Health to stay up to date on issues related to pest control.  Answers to your needs are a phone call away.  

    Look for Our Shield!

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  • We provide products and services that protect your environment against pests and much more.

  • Have you ever seen a bedbug? Unfortunately, now more than ever your answer is probably yes.

  • Bees are very helpful but they can also be an annoyance. ¬†We'll show you how to safely deal with them.

  • Wherever food is stored, prepared or served, you're likely to find a cockroach.

  • Since heir habits foster the spread of bacteria, it's important to keep them at bay in your environment.

  • Their constant gnawing and contamination of areas make it essential to remove them from your home or business.

  • Not only can they ruin an outdoor event, but can also spread serious diseases.

  • Moths and carpet beetles are among the very few insects that can eat keratin

  • With a keen sense of taste, hearing and smell, they will climb or gnaw their way to any type of food.

  • Seasonal invaders are insects that sometimes enter your home or structure even in large numbers.

  • Fear of spiders ranks as one of our greatest phobias along with fear of snakes,

  • Generally a benefit to the environment because they prey on pests.

  • We have the right information if you find squirrels, raccoons, possums or rabbits at your home or business.